Ammonite bite marks!

Ammonite with bite mark!

I was reading an article last month in Deposits magazine about the evidence for belemnite’s praying on ammonites during the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods. A few weeks ago I was asked to produce a geology education pack combining rocks, fossils and mineral specimens from Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery. After searching through the huge and diverse range of geological treasures held within the collection, I eventually decided on the objects to put into the education pack.

As we typed up the details of the specimens for the pack, I held up an ammonite fossil and noticed a chunk of shell was missing! After a quick brain flashback to the article I had read in Deposits Magazine, I began to get very excited over a small fragment of missing shell. Just as the museum staff we beginning to get worried, due to my strange enthusiasm and excitement (only a geologist would understand), I pulled up a picture on the BBC website to see if this was a bite mark from an ancient belemnite. Low and behold the section of missing shell exactly matched the BBC image, meaning that this ammonite could have been a belemnite’s lunch over 150 million years ago!

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Chris Broughton
Wolverhampton Art Gallery

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