My fossil hunting trip to Lyme Regis

Ammonite gl2204_p1

The first time I ever visited Lyme Regis was in the summer of 2007. I packed my bag with the mush have essentials for fossil hunting; hand lens, chisel, hammer and sample bags.

First we visited the beach to the right of Lyme Regis. Immediately upon arriving at the beach fossils began catching my eye from belemnites to ammonites, the beach was crawling with them. Once I had ‘got my eye in’, I began discovering great examples of pyrite ammonites. Digging through the sand and moving the heavy rocks yielded some of my best finds from Lyme Regis.

After we had filled the sample bags up we moved onto Charmouth, where there had recently been a landslide. Within the base of the spoil were loads of belemnites and great examples of ammonite casts. It was a bit sad that due to the nature of the mudstone the ammonites were too fragile to be collected. This was because once they had dried out they disintegrated. But happily yet again I made some great finds from Charmouth.

Jurassic belemnite gl2269_p2

At the end of the holiday we headed back to the midlands with a car crammed with fossils in every nook and cranny, I would certainly go down again. Plus if you cant make that fantastic find of a lifetime on the shore, there are plenty of fossil shops to look at and purchase a special memento.

It is also important to note that if you plan a fossil trip anywhere on the coast, always check the tides because it is all too easy to be cut off when you get carried away fossiling.

Alison Roberts
Wall Heath
West Midlands

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