Dudley Bugs travelled the world….

…but where are they now?

The fossils found in the Limestone at Dudley during the 18th and 19th centuries were so plentiful and so well preserved that specimens from Dudley have found their way into museum collections worldwide. At one time there were three fossil dealers operating from the town!

I have personally spotted Dudley fossils as far afield as Naples, Italy, and closer to home in museums in London, Bristol, Nottingham, Oxford and Worcester.

Dimerocrinites icosidactylus - Naples University Museum, Italy

If you have fossils from Dudley in your local museum, or even in your own personal collection, then we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Perhaps you could tell us:

  • - The name of the fossil you have spotted (e.g. Crinoid, Sagenocrinites expansus) – we want to know about all Dudley fossils, not just trilobites!
  • - Any location data – usually the label will just say “Dudley”, but sometimes it might be more specific, e.g Castle Hill, Dudley.
  • - Where you saw the fossil – museum name, town and country

If you have a smartphone, you can tweet the information and a photo with the hashtag #DudleyFossils – we’ll find it from there.

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