Kiln burn at Dudley

On 26th May, the Building Limes Forum will be hosting a lime burn at The Black Country Living Museum. The limestone for the burn will come from the Wren’s Nest, which was extensively quarried up to the late 1920′s, creating in the process many of the limestone caverns and canal tunnels which we see in the area today.

We know from fossils found there that the limestone from Wren’s Nest was formed in a shallow tropical sea around 425 million years ago and the purest beds of the limestone (called the Upper and Lower Quarried Limestone Members by geologists) can be burnt to produce high quality lime.

A fossil hunting trip to the Wren Nest, Dudley

Lime is in demand today as it is used in the restoration of older buildings, where the use of Portland cement is not suitable.

More information on the event can be found here.

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