Did you feel it?

On 22nd September 2002, an earthquake of magnitude 4.7 on the Richter scale struck the UK with it’s epicentre located just outside Dudley. It was one of the largest earthquakes in the UK, a country not usually affected by strong seismic activity. Fortunately there was little damage and no-one was injured, but it is a reminder to us all of the damage that can be inflicted by these geological events.

Seismograph of the Dudley Earthquake. Note how it is felt in different places at different times as the wave takes some time to propagate out from the epicentre. Reproduced with the permission of the British Geological Survey ©NERC. All rights Reserved

Saturday 22nd September marks the 10th anniversary of the Dudley Earthquake. Where were you when it happened? Please send your recollections of the event to Andy Harrison at [email protected] for a Black Country Geological Society newsletter item to mark this significant anniversary in the history of the Black Country.

You can read more about the Dudley Earthquake here, and the British Geological Survey also maintains a list of the most recent earthquakes felt in the UK.

Interesting fact: Many people do not realise that the Richter scale is logarithmic – so a magnitude 4 event is actually ten times more powerful than an event of magnitude 3.

Some of the content of this post was taken from the latest issue of the Black Country Geological Society newsletter

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  1. simonharris says:

    The author of this post felt the earthquake in the Lickey Hills – and like many others, thought that part of the house had fallen down. There was no lasting damage though!

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