British Geological Survey Press Releases

British Geological Survey Press Releases

Having recently taken over some responsibility for contributing to a geology blog on the “Geology Matters” website, I think I should offer a brief introduction, and give some idea of my intentions in relation to the blog. I retired from full-time teaching in 2010, after 30+ years of teaching geology, geography and related subjects, including 13 years as an OU geology tutor in the West Midlands Region. I joined the Black Country Geological Society in 2011 and aim to help promote its activities in helping to stimulate interest in the subject in general and in local geology in the West Midlands in particular. I am hoping to put posts on the blog every few weeks which will cover a full range of geological topics drawn from around the world.

As a starting point, perhaps I can draw people’s attention to the regular press releases put out by the British Geological Survey.
By going to their website at there is access to a wealth of information. Current articles available on this site include the following:

A story about how the BGS is drilling a borehole near Berwick-upon-Tweed in a search for missing links in our evolutionary record.

An account detailing how rapidly Iceland’s glaciers have been retreating in recent years.

How microscopic marine algae in Antarctica are being used to record the changes in the Ice-Sheet which have taken place over time, in order to build an accurate timetable of how worldwide temperatures have fluctuated over the past 12,000 years.

How the BGS has now developed “GB3D” ~ a three-dimensional geological map of the UK, with a network of cross-sections throughout the country, to enable people to visualise the relationships which exist between the landscape, geological structures and resources in many places.

These articles, and much more, can be found by using the link to the website above, or simply by following links from the BGS homepage.

Alan Clewlow

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