Geology Matters allows users to find information about fossil, mineral and rock specimens held by the museums services located within the Black Country and to read articles or watch videos about all things geology related contributed by members of the Black Country Geological Society and staff from our local museums as well as other guest contributors.

We welcome contributions from others that share our passion for geology; if you would like to contribute an article or series of articles please contact Graham Worton (email: [email protected]).

This website has been created and is managed in partnership by the Black Country Geological Society, Dudley Museums Service, Sandwell Museums Service and Wolverhampton Arts and Museums Service.

The Black Country Geological Society

The Black Country Geological Society is based in Dudley, West Midlands, England.  The society as it is today was formed in 1975 but has its routes in the Dudley and Midland Geological Society which dates from 1842.

The society has a strong active membership, with members from all backgrounds and includes interested amateurs, professional geologists, teachers, and students of all ages. New members are always welcome.

The Society holds regular meetings to listen to invited lecturers each month with these indoor meetings taking place during the winter on a Monday evening. We also hold monthly field meetings on Saturdays or Sundays during the summer. Geoconservation days are also arranged during the winter months, where members help to clear vegetation from overgrown local geological sites.

The society has often been called upon to advise local industry and government on geological and environmental matters, in addition to undertaking voluntary conservation work and helping to catalogue and photograph the geology collections held by our local museums.

Our museums collections

Dudley, Sandwell and Wolverhampton museums all have nationally important geology collections.

Dudley Museums service has the largest collection at almost 18,000 specimens, with a strong emphasis on Silurian fossils, particularly those from the Wrens Nest, although the mineralogy and petrology collections are also fairly large.  Currently, there is a selection of around 2,000 of these  specimens on this website, including over 1,200 with images.

Wolverhampton Arts and Museums service has an excellent sample of Jurassic, Cretaceous and Cenozoic fossils, totalling 9052 specimens across the complete stratigraphic range. This collection consists mainly of fossils, with very few rock and mineral specimens.  Only around 250 specimens can be seen on this website, please contact Wolverhampton Art Gallery if you would like to view the collection.

Sandwell Museums service has many Jurassic and Cretaceous specimens within the wider ranging collection, but is also rich in petrological and mineralogical specimens.  A selection of around 120 specimens are shown on this website, please contact Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery if you would like to view the collection.

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