Riddle of the shells

This is an extract from the newsletter of The ‘Black Country Geological Society‘, No. 201 June 2010. This was part of the regular section entitled ‘The Dudley Bug’ written by members Alison Roberts and Chris Broughton. During April 2010, as part of a KITTS graduate training placement at Dudley Museum we visited the Wrens Nest to see what are the [...]

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What are the differences and similarities between bivalves and brachiopods?

Both Bivalves and brachiopods are a type of shell with a living organism within the valves. Although they may look similar at a first glance, there are a few differences between them which become obvious with a close up look at them. Firstly bivalves are from the phylum known as Mollusca (molluscs), whereas brachiopods have [...]

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