Snowball Earth – The argument against…

In last week’s blog I outlined the evidence put forward for a worldwide glaciation in the Neoproterozoic, supported by geophysical and geochemical evidence. However, as with all ground breaking developments, other geologists look at the exposures and geophysical data and come to rather different conclusions. The basis of the idea is generated by the Neoproterozoic [...]

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Snowball Earth – The argument for…

Worldwide Precambrian tillites have been recognised for some time. The closest to us is the Port Askaig Tillite in the Dalradian. Many contain striated boulders; the Smalfjord diamictite in northern Norway rests upon a striated pavement. The term diamictite is now generally used for tillites and rocks with a similar lithology. As geological knowledge and [...]

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Reconstructing palaeoclimates using beetle remains

This is a light hearted extract from of the newsletter The Black Country Geological Society. This was part of the regular section entitled ‘The Dudley Bug’ written by members Alison Roberts and Chris Broughton. An effective way of reconstructing Quaternary palaeoenvironments is to investigate the range and distribution of beetle populations. The most commonly used [...]

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Ice age britain and climate change

Graham Worton the current curator and Keeper of Geology at Dudley Museum & Art Gallery tells us how the advance and retreat of ice has caused the Black Country to rebound and how the Stour Valley would once have been home to hippos and lions.

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Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most talked about and controversial subjects in today’s world. Although it is big news, it is still an area which causes scientists problems and great debate. There is evidence which says yes, global warming is happening as a direct consequence of human activity, but also evidence which suggests that [...]

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