The Barr Trilobite – a local celebrity

“This remarkable crustacean has been hitherto known in England as the Barr Trilobite, having been found at the Hay Head lime works, near the village and beacon of Barr in Staffordshire” The Silurian System, Roderick Murchison As new kinds of animals, both living and extinct, are discovered, scientists attempt to classify them according to their [...]

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Sir Roderick Murchison

Graham Worton the current curator and Keeper of Geology at Dudley Museum & Art Gallery tells us about the famous Scottish geologist Sir Roderick Murchison from Murchison’s View at the Wrens Nest, Dudley. Murchison visited Dudley around 1837. In 1839 he published an illustrated catalogue of Silurian fossils, ‘The Silurian System’, of which 65% were [...]

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Identification Sessions

If you have found a strange specimen of mineral, rock or fossil and you don’t know what it is, why not take it along to one of the Identification days at Dudley Museum & Art Gallery? They hold regular identification sessions where a member of the museum team will answer your queries. The next few [...]

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