100 Years of the Geology at the Dudley Museum and Art Gallery

When its doors opened on Wednesday 12th December 2012 the Dudley Museum and Art Gallery (DMAG) celebrated 100 years of geology being on display. For centuries geology has played an important role within the Dudley area and to the local community. According to current DMAG Keeper of Geology, Graham Worton, ‘The 100th anniversary will kick [...]

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A Geologist’s Christmas Carol

Back in the depths of the Little Ice Age, lived a cruel, cold-hearted man called Professor Ebenezer Lapworth. Ebenezer owned a geotechnical engineering firm called ‘Scrooge’s Slope Stabilisation’ and employed a significant workforce. However, his employees worked for pittance; they had no holidays for fossiling and defiantly NO coal in their stockings! The Black Country [...]

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Lady Murchison

Lady Charlotte Murchison (nee Hugonin) was born in 1788 in Hampsire to General Francis and Charlotte Hugonin. It is believed that she was one of three children brought up in the family home. Charlotte first met Roderick Impey Murchison in 1815 and they were married not long after in the August of the same year. [...]

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The Silurian System

The Silurian Period of geological history is defined between 444 million years ago and 416 million years ago. It is named after an ancient welsh tribe from the Roman times, called the Siluries. The scientist credited as defining the Silurian period was a short Scotsman named Sir Roderick Impey Murchison in 1835. Work began in 1831 by [...]

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Murchison’s view

Graham Worton, the Keeper of Geology at Dudley Museum and Art Gallery, introduces us to “Murchison’s View”.  Murchison’s View is located at the southern tip of the Wrens Nest National Nature Reserve (NNR) which is to the north east of Dudley Town Centre, West Midlands.

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Geology Matters Launch Event

Last Thursday saw me pulling on my walking boots to join a group of geology enthusiasts on a tour of three sites in the Black Country, chosen to illustrate the geological diversity of the area.  The sites were Barr Beacon, Barrow Hill and Dudley’s’ Limestone Mines. Although I have lived on the edge of the [...]

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Sir Roderick Murchison

Graham Worton the current curator and Keeper of Geology at Dudley Museum & Art Gallery tells us about the famous Scottish geologist Sir Roderick Murchison from Murchison’s View at the Wrens Nest, Dudley. Murchison visited Dudley around 1837. In 1839 he published an illustrated catalogue of Silurian fossils, ‘The Silurian System’, of which 65% were [...]

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